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Timber Fencing in Melton

When it comes to timber fencing in Melton, our expert team is your go-to solution for both quality and durability. With a strong track record in residential and commercial timber fence installations, we’ve established ourselves as leading timber fence contractors in the area.

Choosing the right timber and design is crucial, and our team will guide you through this process to ensure your fence meets your needs. The final product is not just aesthetically pleasing but built to last, making your investment worthwhile.

Visually appealing timber fence in Melton


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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Our Classic Timber Fences

Our timber fences serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. As experienced timber fence contractors, we source only the highest quality timber to give your fence a lasting and appealing finish.

Each piece of timber is carefully chosen to complement the overall aesthetic of your property. Whether for a residential retreat or a business premises, our classic timber fences are a versatile choice that adds value and character.

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newly installed timber fence in Melton

Timber Fence Installation

Installing a timber fence requires expertise and meticulous planning; qualities Lifestyle Fencing Melton has in abundance. We approach each timber fence installation with the same level of dedication, ensuring every step is executed flawlessly.

From preparing the ground to setting the posts and attaching the panels, we handle each phase with unmatched precision. Our commitment to excellent workmanship shines through in each installation, making us a trusted name in timber fencing.

newly replaced timber fence in Melton

Timber Fence Replacement

Sometimes, fences reach the end of their lifespan and need replacing. As experts in timber fence replacement, we offer comprehensive services to bring your old fence back to life.

After thoroughly evaluating your existing setup, we provide tailored recommendations and handle all aspects of the replacement. The new fence matches your property’s existing layout and brings renewed functionality and aesthetic appeal. Fill out our free quote form to get started!